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At Docomo Development Sdn Bhd, our focus is creating top-quality, thoughtfully-designed residences that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. We go to painstaking lengths to ensure that each home is built to last, with quality materials and finishes that offer a higher level of excellence than expected.

Each development class, from low to high end, is given the same consideration as we believe in providing not just a house but a home that anyone would be proud to own for themselves, their family and future generations.

Datuk Henry Hing

Datuk Henry Hing

Partner / Executive Chairman

Lewis Liew

Lewis Han

Partner / Executive Director

 Ir. Kenny Lo

Ir. Kenny Lo

Project Director

Phaedra Hing

Phaedra Hing

Project and Corporate Affairs Executive

Phaedrees Hing

Phaedrees Hing

Accounts and Sales Executive

Our Vision

Docomo Development Sdn Bhd recognizes that the value of land lies in how it can be developed and sustained for future generations to enjoy.

It envisions a future where the transformation from rural to urban living is achieved through the creation of developments that builds communities and bridges the divide between wants and needs.

Our Mission

Docomo Development Sdn Bhd aspires to build better homes for living by pioneering new concepts that responds to the needs its customers.

Its commitment to innovation and quality developments in highly desirable locations is firm, and will be the benchmark that will lead the industry into a new era of integrated urban community living.

Our Values

Docomo Development Sdn Bhd values the creation of well-planned communities where the environment is conducive to family life with conveniences near at hand.

It is committed to offering products that deliver value for money without compromising on quality to meet the high expectations demanded of all its projects.